Moving things around

Ian Potter Museum of Art sculpture. Photo by Jim Newberry.

I started this blog in October, planning to document my experiment with nomadic, minimal travel—to post photos but also write articles about my travels, including advice for other would-be voyagers—but so far it’s been all photographs and no travel guides, and since I already have a photo blog ( that I’ve been posting to since 2008, I’ve decided to simplify things and do all my photo blogging, travel or not, at All the photos I’ve posted here so far will remain, and I’ve also incorporated them into the other blog.

At some point I very well may get to writing here about how I access my digital photo archives while I’m abroad, which gear I brought with me, and the like, but until then this blog will be on hold, and will be updated regularly.

(I shot the photo above a couple days ago; it’s a sculpture built-in to the facade of the Ian Potter Museum of Art at the University of Melbourne).

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