My Journey begins; first day in Bangkok

Here are pictures I shot yesterday–the first day of my nomadic excursion–on and near Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. Stay tuned, lots more to come! (Still putting finishing touches on the blog design, but wanted to get some pictures up asap).

5 Responses to My Journey begins; first day in Bangkok

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I want to subscribe but don’t see a button for it. Please show me because I’m obviously stupid.

  2. Jim Newberry says:

    No button yet, working on it!

  3. Sarah D. says:

    Jim, picture #5 is STUNNING. Can;t stop staring. You are so much better than my eyes.

  4. Lisa Frye says:

    I agree with Sarah D – I can’t take my eyes off of photo #5! Gorgeous work, Jim. I can’t wait to see what new beauty inspires you!

  5. Jim Newberry says:

    Folks can sign up for email subscription at the about page:

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