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Furry creatures of Chiang Mai

The other night I was photographing a closed storefront in Chiang Mai, when I heard a voice behind me asking what I was shooting. It turned out to be none other than thephunktOGraphist himself, with his winning Chihuahua, Moo-Yong in the front basket of his motorbike. Thanks phunktOGraphist for stopping, and for letting me photograph your companion.


Later that same night it was love at first sight when I ran into this kitten who tried to follow me home; sadly, I couldn’t take her back to my apartment.


Bangkok, Tuesday

These were all shot last Tuesday. This should be the last set of Bangkok pictures for a bit, Chiang Mai photographs up next.

Bangkok, Monday and Tuesday

Bangkok street pictures from earlier in the week. No cat pictures in this post, promise.

Back by unpopular demand: Bangkok cats!

One of the many stray cats I saw in Bangkok, and couldn’t resist photographing.

Bangkok’s Chinatown

Bangkok, Sunday

My Journey begins; first day in Bangkok

Here are pictures I shot yesterday–the first day of my nomadic excursion–on and near Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. Stay tuned, lots more to come! (Still putting finishing touches on the blog design, but wanted to get some pictures up asap).